Become the Owner of Your Holiday Space!

Join the community of mobile home owners at Groupe Romanée campsites in France.

Experience unforgettable moments of joy every weekend, discover a multitude of activities, breathe in the fresh air, reunite with loved ones, and finally take the time to savor life.

Dreaming of a second home? A place just for you, where you can relax and share precious moments with your friends? Choose to buy a mobile home at Romanée.

The open-air hotel business is gaining in popularity in France. Its advantages are clear: economical, friendly vacations and total immersion in nature. Camping, an activity for all generations, is the perfect solution for budget vacations and a return to your roots.

Romanée offers you the chance to own a mobile home and enjoy your own personal retreat all year round. Buying a mobile home at Chez Romanée means making your life dreams come true, like getting away more often on vacation with family or friends.

Generate additional income

By owning a mobile home at Chez Romanée, you can earn extra income to reduce your annual rent.

Our offer adapts to your needs: would you like to rent your mobile home for just a few weeks a year? No problem at all! Choose the weeks that suit you, with no minimum duration.

Personalized support for your purchasing project

Buying a mobile home is an economical option compared to buying a traditional property. Whether you’re looking for a place to retire for vacations and weekends, or you plan to live in your mobile home for six months of the year, Romanée is here to help you work out your purchase project according to your budget.

Do you prefer a new or used mobile home? Your budget, intended use and desires will influence this decision.

Then there’s the question: how much does a mobile home cost? In addition to the purchase price and possible financing, it’s important to consider the rent for the campsite pitch.
The financial advantages of buying a mobile home at Romanée include :

  • The use of a mobile home already installed on the site (no need to finance transport and installation);
  • The possibility of benefiting from LMNP (Loueur Meublé Non Professionnel) status, encouraged by the government to stimulate tourism in France.

By renting out your mobile home while you’re away, you can easily generate income.

For more information, please fill in our contact form below or call our reservations department to help you make your choice.