Discover fishing on Belle Ile en Mer

If you love fishing or scuba diving, then you have chosen the right destination…

Here are some addresses to help you prepare for your holiday.

  • Sea bass fishing with an instructor with Arnaud de WILDENBERG – 06 09 15 15 36.
  • Sea angling on board the very comfortable boat DRANEM V with Atmos’AIR Marine (Yann QUERE) – 02 97 31 55 55
  • Sea fishing or scuba diving to a depth of 50m with Dominique ROULET (Tours d’iles) – 06 63 53 47 18.

You don’t need any particular experience to go shore fishing in Belle ile, you just need a small rake and a bucket to pick up winkles, cockles, clams, oysters or sea urchins.